What treatment will my child have?

Once the doctor knows the cause of the stroke, they will be able to decide what treatment is best. If the stroke was caused by a blockage, long-term blood-thinning medication like aspirin may be prescribed to help prevent another from happening.

If your child has SCD, they will have an urgent blood transfusion. The transfusion will help replace the sickled red blood cells in your child’s body with normal blood cells.

Regular blood transfusions should follow, as the risk of a second stroke is very high; about two thirds of children with SCD have another stroke. They should take place every three to six weeks and should continue for at least three to five years. One of the side effects of the blood transfusions is too much iron in the body. Iron removal therapy, known as chelation therapy, is given to remove the excess iron and to help to keep your child’s body healthy.

If your child has moyamoya syndrome, revascularisation surgery can help improve blood flow to the brain by opening narrowed blood vessels.