Ollie’s Story

Oliver had a difficult start in life. During labour he unfortunately suffered a stroke. This assault on his brain left Ollie with a significant area of brain damage and he spent over a week in the neonatal unit where he was monitored constantly.

Eventually we were allowed to take our little boy home but the outlook was uncertain and the next year involved a great deal of care, monitoring, hospital visits, physiotherapy and anxiety.

At the end of his first year, Ollie had amazed us all and was walking and beginning to talk like any other baby.

The hospital signed him off from further visits and so far he has gone from strength to strength. There is still a long way to go and Ollie’s future development is still uncertain but we remain positive as he continues to fill our lives with joy.

One day in March we were in the kitchen cooking a carrot cake and decided to take some photos and document the recipe. This proved to be not only a lot of fun but something that people wanted to read! It progressed from there into this blog and his first book.

We hope this blog will not only help you cook some delicious food and make you laugh but also show you what a lot of care, hope, faith and support can achieve.

The book is now for sale and all profits from it’s sales will be donated to West Suffolk Hospital’s Neonatal Unit and The Stroke Association. Our aim is to raise awareness of childhood stroke by raising money and providing information and support.